Phenol, Cadmium, lead in cigarette smoke

Did you know that cigarette smoke contains phenol? According to the U.S. Centre for Diesease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigaratte smoke contains phenol.  But the only good news is that the phenol is quickly eliminated from the human body and does not accumulate in any body tissue.   

But that is not the case with cadmium.  According to CDC, long-term exposure to low levels of cadmium can lead to its accumulatioin in the kidneys, leading to possible kidney diseases.  

Then comes lead.  Lead is present in the tobacco leaves and the amount of lead present depends on the soil where tobacco is grown and also the fertilizer used.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the lead can accumulate in the lungs and cause a major problem, including death.

But if you fear the danger of a nuclear plant releasing radioacitive material in the event of an accident,  then remember that cigaratte smoke releases Polonium-210.  And this radioactive element is known to be main culprit for causing lung cancer.