Rainwater harvesting from roads

Structure to harvest rainwater falling on the road at Besant Nagar, Chennai

Structure to harvest rainwater falling on the road at Besant Nagar, Chennai

The Chennai Corporation has taken the initiative to put in place the structures to harvest rain falling on certain roads.  One can see these structures in certain roads in Besant Nagar, Chennai.  The Southwest monsoon that brings the most rain to Chennai is due to arrive by mid-October.

By this initiative, the Corporation has gone one step further in rainwater harvesting.  The last government of AIADMK made it compulsory for every household and apartment in Tamil Nadu to put in place rainwater harvesting structures. It costs a couple of thousand rupees but the benefits are enormous. The way the aquifer was recharged after the rule came to force is now well known.  With most of the apartments and houses paved with concrete, there is no way for the aquifer to be recharged. And with many of the lakes and temple tanks being converted for other purposes, such recharge of the aquifer became very essential.

Many cities have taken a cue from Tamil Nadu and are implementing rainwater harvesting.

Come monsoon, one can see Chennai roads being flooded.  Roads with more than ankle deep water are not uncommon.  If the Corporation can only ensure that such structures are in place in most of the roads, it can not only take care of the flooding problem, but can help recharge the groundwater.

Only that it must make sure that the water is not dirty or sewage-mixed water.  Because many roads in Chennai have sewage overflowing during monsoon!


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