Chitra Mandal of CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology has seven more papers with manipulated images

Chitra - J13 - 2

Dr. Chitra Mandal, a SERB Distinguished Fellow at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata has seven more papers with problematic images — manipulation and/or duplication. These papers have been listed on Pubpeer. With this, there are 35 problematic papers by Dr. Mandal.

The number of papers by Dr. Chitra Mandal, a SERB Distinguished Fellow at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata that have problems with images — manipulation and/or duplication — continues to be flagged on Pubpeer website.

Pubpeer website allows independent scientists to publish post-publication review of scientific papers.

Chitra - J13 - 3-OptimizedAlready, Dr. Mandal’s 28 papers have been listed on Pubpeer for image manipulation and/or duplication. And in the last four days another seven more papers have been added to the list, taking the total to 35 papers. A paper published last year in the journal Cell Death and Disease seems to have problems.

In two instances, the figures have been reused in two different papers. These papers also have images that have been manipulated. She is the corresponding author in six of the seven papers.

Problematic papers listed on Pubpeer website

1) O-acetylation of GD3 prevents its apoptotic effect and promotes survival of lymphoblasts in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Kankana Mukherjee, Anil Kumar Chava, Chandan Mandal, Sailendra Nath Dey, Bernhard Kniep, Sarmila Chandra, Chitra Mandal

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (2008)

2) Mobilization of lymphoblasts from bone marrow to peripheral blood in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: role of 9-O-acetylated sialoglycoproteins

Suchandra Chowdhury, Chandan Mandal, Sayantani Sarkar, Arup Kumar Bag, Reinhard Vlasak, Sarmila Chandra, Chitra Mandal

Leukemia Research (2012)

3) Disease-associated glycosylated molecular variants of human C-reactive protein activate complement-mediated hemolysis of erythrocytes in tuberculosis and Indian visceral leishmaniasis

Waliza Ansar, Sumi Mukhopadhyay, SK. Hasan Habib, Shyamasree Basu, Bibhuti Saha, Asish Kumar Sen, CN. Mandal, Chitra Mandal

Glycoconjugate Journal (2009)

4) Arsenic-induced cell proliferation is associated with enhanced ROS generation, Erk signaling and CyclinA expression

Rajdeep Chowdhury, Raghunath Chatterjee, Ashok K. Giri, Chitra Mandal, Keya Chaudhuri

Toxicology Letters (2010)

5) 9-O-acetylated GD3 triggers programmed cell death in mature erythrocytes

Kankana Mukherjee, Suchandra Chowdhury, Susmita Mondal, Chandan Mandal, Sarmila Chandra, Rupak K. Bhadra, Chitra Mandal

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2007)

6) Association of cytosolic sialidase Neu2 with plasma membrane enhances Fas-mediated apoptosis by impairing PI3K-Akt/mTOR-mediated pathway in pancreatic cancer cells

Shalini Nath, Chhabinath Mandal, Uttara Chatterjee, Chitra Mandal

Cell Death and Disease (2018)

7) Sialoglycoproteins adsorbed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa facilitate their survival by impeding neutrophil extracellular trap through siglec-9

Biswajit Khatua, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Chitra Mandal

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2012)

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