MARCH 2018

Why gulping water quenches thirst

Two-fold increase in short spells of heavy rainfall in Indian cities

JNCASR team develops novel material to convert waste heat into electricity

IIT Hyderabad’s novel composite keeps tomatoes fresh for 30 days

Predatory journals: UGC’s greyish white list is a curse to science

IIT Kanpur researchers find why babies need to move in the womb

ICMR wins the 2017 Kochon Prize for TB research

OMICS to translate all Open Access journal papers to Indian languages

Egyptian vultures wintering in India undergo a change in drug-resistance pattern

IIT Guwahati develops superhydrophobic coating that mimics lotus leaves, rose petals

India bends the rules for Neutrino project

897 predatory journals identified in UGC’s white list


IIT Guwahati achieves greater desalination efficiency using crystalline carbon dots

IISc researchers overthrow cancer metastasis dogma

Cancer conference sponsored by IIT Madras mired in controversy

Yogi Adityanath takes pledge to control tobacco menace in Uttar Pradesh

Tata Trusts to fund innovations, technologies to combat TB and malaria

IGIB team partially reverses a rare disease

IISc team identifies a biomarker for early-stage Alzheimer’s

Oncologists step aside, here comes medical astrologers

What makes SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch so special

Hyderabad-based OMICS group to translate their journal papers to Indian languages

Indian scientific community should act now to stop the journal paper translation centres

IIT Delhi researchers develop scar-tissue model for screening drugs

IIT Bombay fabricates wearable sensor for motion monitoring

NCCS finds dual mechanism that helps embryonic stem cells maintain pluripotency

Paper by IIT Dhanbad faculty retracted, 38 more papers under a cloud


IICB team deciphers the molecular mechanism of stress-induced gastric ulcer

IGIB discovers a protein regulating melanoma growth, pigmentation

IACS researchers use a novel compound to kill cancer cells

IISc researchers witness division of labour emerge in social insects

IGCAR’s optical probe quickly detects urea in serum, environment

WHO revises advice on use of delamanid drug in MDR-TB patients

IIT Delhi develops a novel platform to test drug sensitivity in bacteria

Vitamin C improves the efficacy of TB drugs, AIIMS researchers find

At last, there’s a welcome push back by the Indian scientific community

Three science academies denounce Satyapal Singh’s statement on evolution

IISER Pune researchers study the early stages of transformation into cancerous cells

Aniket Sule, the scientist who torpedoed Satyapal Singh’s grand plan for evolution

IIT Kanpur team finds possible cause of neurodevelopmental disorders

IISER Pune team unravels nuclear protein lamin B2’s novel role

Neural mechanism behind stinging by honeybees unravelled

Archaeological site near Chennai shows the long process of human evolution


IIT Bombay makes low cost vibration sensors

IIT Hyderabad team recycles polystyrene using orange peel extract

IISER Pune makes novel anode for next-generation batteries in electric vehicles

IISc: Chemically etched aluminium kills, keep surfaces bacteria-free

IIT Guwahati researchers create bioartificial liver using silk

NCCS’ novel approach improves success rate of bone marrow transplantation

IISc: HIV drug elvitegravir lowers the efficiency of immune system

Bhubaneswar: Urban heat island effect studied in a growing city

How to spot predatory journals

Diagnosing early-stage cervical cancer using artificial intelligence

IIT Guwahati team fabricates spinal disc using silk

IIT Hyderabad team fabricates e-skin for motion monitoring

JNCASR researchers add more security to LiFi

Delhi researchers use AI to diagnose asthma, identify subtypes

Prakash makes mosquito surveillance using mobile phones possible

A glimmer of hope as India’s war on TB gets more funding

IIT Guwahati uses superhydrophobic cotton to remove oil-spill

IIT Roorkee’s novel molecule reverses antibiotic resistance

IIT teams developing a self test for cervical cancer

ICRISAT researchers make groundnuts free of aflatoxin

IIT Hyderabad develops novel skin patch for constant drug release

IIT Bombay’s superior water filter needs very little power

NBRC researchers uncover how damaged neurons recover function

Women in Kerala live 10 years longer than women in Uttar Pradesh

Delhi researchers’ novel molecule prevents malaria disease

Four papers from CSIR, ICAR labs retracted for fake peer reviews

Decreased dust aerosol leads to reduced rainfall over north India

Injunction against Hyderabad’s OMICS group to stop ‘deceptive practices’

IISER Kolkata’s compound makes drinking water nearly free of fluoride, metal ions


Astrology workshop at IISc stands cancelled

IIT Madras develops extremely water-repellent coating

Novel inhibitor to combat kala-azar identified

Alas, astrology workshop to be held at IISc in November

Some Indian cities cooler than surrounding areas during summer days

Organic near-infrared filter developed by NIIST researchers

IIT Hyderabad uses activated jamun powder to remove fluoride from drinking water

IIT teams use plant extract, heat to kill skin cancer cells

At 2.51 million, India ranks number one in pollution deaths

IIT teams use elevated enzyme in cancer cells for diagnosis

CDFD researchers find common genetic variants for skin colour in Indians

IISER Bhopal team’s new strategies to fight breast cancer

IISc team designs a nanomaterial to treat Parkinson’s

IIT Kanpur researchers make antibodies for treating a few genetic diseases

IIT Gandhinagar develops a system to monitor drought in South Asia

Growing interest in HPV vaccination in India

Three-fold increase in extreme rainfall events over central India

A rapid diagnostic test for Zika, dengue viruses developed


NIIST researchers fabricate a wearable WiMAX antenna

IIT Roorkee team repurposes a drug for chikungunya

Serum’s rotavirus vaccine is safe and efficacious

Sale of tobacco products in India only through licensed shops

Kolkata scientists use fungus to remove toxic chromium from tannery waste

This is one reason why India does not produce path-breaking health technologies

IGIB researchers reverse cancer drug resistance

Mumbai team a step closer to treating oral cancer without surgery

Mumbai researchers discover how embryos implant in the womb

TMC team overcomes resistance to hormonal therapy for breast cancer

UGC’s revised white list has 111 more predatory journals

IGIB scientists discover a skin bacterium with antimicrobial activity

Researchers at Harvard, Mayo Clinic too publish in predatory journals

After 24 years, ISRO faces a small setback with the failed PSLV launch

UGC’s revised white list has 71 active predatory journals

IIT Guwahati team mimics nature to keep surfaces oil-free in water

How to get rid of beer foam fast


Of mice and men: why animal trial results don’t always translate to humans

IIT Guwahati team creates an implantable ‘pancreas’ to treat Type 1 diabetes

ISI Kolkata discovers reptiles with horns that came 100 million years before dinosaurs

Now, more predatory journals get indexed in PubMed

Antarctic ice reveals that fossil fuel extraction leaks more methane than thought

Lessons India has not learnt on H1N1

Mumbai researchers’ biomarker will tell if early-stage tongue cancer will spread

The Asian Zika virus strain turns out to be more dangerous

Preventing sepsis in newborns using probiotics

IISc’s copper-coated membrane makes drinking water safe

No, funding for science in India or DST has not been increased to 2% of GDP

The myths and facts about wine

Unravelling the acute encephalitis syndrome that kills children in Gorakhpur

Why BMJ’s advice to ‘stop taking antibiotics when you feel better’ should be ignored

The promise of CRISPR

IIT Guwahati team develops silk patch to repair damaged heart tissue

IIT Bombay researchers develop wearable, movement-capturing device

IIT Madras: Now, silver ‘grows’ in paddy fields

IIT Delhi team develops a new antibacterial drug-delivery system

Scientists edit a disease-causing mutation from genes in human embryos

FDA wants to prevent smoking addiction by limiting nicotine in cigarettes

Farmer suicides in India may be linked to climate change

JULY 2017

IGIB researchers’ first step to rein in cancer cells

IISER Thiruvananthapuram: Scooping out marine oil spills is now possible

inStem team finds how colour-blind flatworms choose colours

Bleached girls: India and its love for light skin

IACS researchers use a novel approach to cancer drug discovery

The uncertain future of genetic testing

H1N1 is back with a vengence

As another smog season looms, India must act soon to keep Delhi from gasping

See how well you can spot photoshoped images 

Why India’s National Programme on panchagavya is worrying

Indian researcher finds malaria drug shields foetus against Zika virus

A looming threat of tuberculosis in children

IISER Kolkata team develops corrosion-resistant, fire-retardant material

Predatory journal clones of India’s Current Science spring up

Now, one Zika case reported from Tamil Nadu, India

JNU researchers reduce TB treatment time using curcumin

India wants to eliminate TB by 2025 but falters on several critical fronts

IISc researchers’ quest to make a common antibiotic more effective against TB

Scientists now know why Chennai received unprecedented heavy rainfall in 2015

Mumbai: Chicken, ready-to-eat moong beans laden with drug-resistant bacteria

IIT Madras develops surgical robots for medical colleges

Why I disagree with Nobel Laureates when it comes to career advice for scientists

IIT Guwahati team succeeds in regenerating damaged nerve

Cheaper TB diagnostic test developed in India enters final validation stage

JUNE 2017

Air pollutants reduce India’s solar power generation by 17%

Sun Pharma, NIV to jointly test drugs for Zika, chikungunya and dengue

Prior infection with dengue does not increase Zika disease severity

IISER Pune researchers produce a novel drug-delivery system to kill cancer cells

Flat lying posture doesn’t do much for stroke treatment

Did LIGO really detect Gravitational Wave signals or was it just noise?

Hyderabad researchers grow miniature eyes using stem cells

Cabell’s: “Our predatory journal Blacklist differs from Jeffrey Beall’s”

At last, Jeffrey Beall reveals the reasons for shutting down his blog on predatory journals

Probability of dying due to heat waves increases in India

IISc’s blood cancer drug shows early promise

CCMB develops a novel drug-delivery system for treating keratitis eye infection

Nearly 50% of diabetics identified in 14 Indian States unaware of their condition

With GSLV Mark III launch, ISRO puts India in a new orbit

Bharat Biotech has begun chikungunya vaccine Phase I trial

Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes less capable of spreading Zika, chikunguya

Seventy-year journey of Zika virus

Improving access to mental health services in remote areas

LIGO: Now, gravitational waves provide clues on how binary black holes form

MAY 2017

Scientists are accidentally helping poachers drive rare species to extinction

Tissue-matched, unrelated donor transplants to aid thalassemics

Ridiculous excuse for India’s shocking cover-up of Zika virus cases

Don’t ignore the adults in deworming

Indian researchers develop 3D bioprinted cartilage

Three Zika cases reported in Ahmedabad, India in Januray 2017

IISc team mimics nature to keep orthopaedic implants bacteria-free

IISc: Annapoorni Rangarajan is on a quest to understand how breast cancer spreads

Diabetes drug metformin partly works by altering gut bacteria

Indian researchers use a novel approach to kill TB bacteria

With 18 million tonnes, a remote island turns into plastic junkyard

Euro VI diesel emission norms can avert nearly 174,000 premature deaths

When dogs become the biggest predators of livestock

Breaking the drug-resistant TB transmission cycle important

Preterm babies don’t gain growth by early initiation of complementary food

Indian researchers reverse multidrug resistance in E. coli

IIT Madras team produces white light using pomegranate, turmeric extract

Novel molecule synthesised by Indian researchers shows promise in treating cancer

What elephants teach us about cancer prevention

ISRO asked to remain silent on South Asia Satellite launch

India to treat all HIV positive people irrespective of CD4 count

Number of wild poliovirus cases drop in Pakistan, Afghanistan

APRIL 2017

IGIB uses novel drug discovery approach to identify drug targets in TB bacteria

The big test for malaria vaccine RTS,S

IIT Madras’ baby steps to develop data glove for the speech-disabled

Science or Snake Oil: can turmeric really shrink tumours, reduce pain and kill bacteria?

Soon, plastic can be biodegraded more efficiently

IISc team unravels how vitamin C helps kill bacteria

IIT Kanpur finds more aerosol in the atmosphere produces heavier, widespread rainfall

Why do we see H1N1 cases every year?

Examination without invigilation – An experiment in trust

Predatory journals in India make desperate bid to gain authenticity

Zika vaccine Phase I trial to begin next month in India

Bharat Biotech’s Zika virus vaccine confers 100% protection in mice

Counselling for depression: A journey within

IISc’s potent molecules show promise for TB therapy

IGIB team enhances the efficiency of DNA delivery into the skin for treating skin disorders

IGCAR work may allow doctors to ‘see’ a fever

Depression: The fault lies in classification

IIT Bombay uses mango leaves to make fluorescent graphene quantum dots

IISc designs a novel graphene electrical conductor

The very microbes that helped us evolve now make us sick

Weighing the risks and benefits of CT scans in childhood

Indian researchers use graphene sieves to turn seawater into drinking water

IISc researchers’ novel, eco-friendly way of recycling e-waste

MARCH 2017

Vaginal bacteria responsible for recurrent urinary tract infections

TB vaccine trial on adults begins in June in India

How to keep your mobile phone connected when the network is down

In a breakthrough, a blood test can diagnose TB disease

Indian researchers find a new bacterial target for drug development

Plastic waste found in fish meant for human consumption

TB diagnosis, treatment sub-optimal in Indian prisons

Indian researcher develops smartphone-based device for male infertility screening

IISER Thiruvananthapuram Director: There’s more to it than meets the eye

Overweight, obese men at higher risk of severe liver disease, liver cancer

CCMB: Can alpha chain of clusterin protein control weight, fat gain in animals?

Without a magic wand, India cannot eliminate TB by 2025

Can health spending of 2.5% of GDP only by 2025 help achieve the goals set by India’s National Health Policy?

Academics can change the world – if they stop talking only to their peers

‘Copy and paste’ content spotted in IISER Thiruvananthapuram director’s papers

Controling HIV-like virus in monkeys by early intervention

Indian researcher uses novel strategy to increase wheat yield, improve resilience to drought

Institutional delivery high but only 42% are breastfed in first hour of birth in India

WHO’s website for vaccine safety information gains traction

Ostriches existed in India over 25,000 years ago, DNA evidence shows

Why is TB bacteria not on WHO’s deadly superbug list?

Mumbai researchers identify a protein critical for sperm motility

Low measles-rubella vaccination coverage may cause more cases of congenital rubella syndrome


Why India needs the rubella vaccine?

Watery exoplanets, but is there life?

Seven Earth-size planets with possible liquid water spotted

IIT Madras’ first step to develop cheaper cancer diagnostic alternative

ISRO sets the bar high by launching 104 satellites in one mission

IIT Madras researchers study the role of mushroom spores in atmospheric bioaerosols

Waking up to MCPG toxin’s role in causing litchi mystery disease

IIT Bombay team finds Chennai and Mumbai have high wind energy potential

Lancet gets in touch with Current Science authors on litchi disease ethics issue

In the Post Truth era we have the Journal of Alternative Facts!

I am still trying to figure out what my new research agenda will be: Jeffrey Beall

Litchi: Controversy erupts over Muzaffarpur mystery disease study as CMC Vellore scientist cries foul

Toxins in litchi kill children in Bihar

Indian researcher uses light to speed up electronics by one million times


Tamil Nadu researchers show chronic exposure to commonly used insecticide causes diabetes

In defiance, several rogue U.S. federal agency Twitter accounts crop up

Trump Ctrl-Alt-Deletes climate change policies

Indian scientist Felix Bast reports from the field in Antarctica

India begins caged trials of GM mosquitoes to control dengue, chikungunya

Open Access: The sorry state of Indian repositories

Five-month-old babies know what’s funny

The missing fossils matter as much as the ones we have found

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening

JNU researchers show highly pungent capsicum varieties have higher antioxidant property

How ISRO plans to launch a record 104 satellites in one go in February 2017

Trump jolts science, gives anti-vax movement a booster dose

Will we see Jeffrey Beall’s predatory journal list in a new avatar?

Indian scientists to gain as India becomes Associate member state of CERN

India’s white list to curb researchers from publishing in predatory journals

India should show sustained commitment to science: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

A hand-held, 20 cents paper centrifuge can revolutionise global health

IIT Gandhinagar: Changing rainfall pattern results in groundwater deficit in north India

IIT Bombay: Urbanisation has not led to hotter summer days for many Indian cities

Indian researchers’ novel approach to early diagnosis of retinal diseases

IIT Madras develops a novel electrode material for lithium batteries

People seeking mental healthcare increased six-fold

IIT Guwahati: A thumb imprint is enough to detect jaundice

A woman scientist nominated for the Swarnajayanti fellowship award

‘There is no session on science and spirituality at the Indian Science Congress’

Science communication: ‘There is a huge price to pay when scientists remain in a cocoon’

Drug discovery for GPCR signalling made easy by IIT Kanpur researchers


A 47-year-old Mumbai lady returns to college after 25 years to finish her PG in biological sciences

Top health stories of 2016

IIT Gandhinagar develops irrigation maps of India

Bengaluru researchers mimic nature to produce richer colours

Renal failure deaths nearly double in a decade in India

IIT Madras researchers prove the superiority of arsenic water filter which got $18 million funding

Researchers from Indian national institutes publish in predatory journals

LIGO scientific collaboration is Physics World 2016 breakthrough of the year

ICGEB researchers identify distinct biomarkers for dengue, chikungunya

Invasive algae species from China found in Tamil Nadu shores

Nandita: Deaf but not out

TIFR’s landmark discovery challenges the theory of superconductivity

ICGEB researchers adopt a novel approach to drug discovery

IIT Kharagpur researchers fabricate a tiny blood pH sensor

The self-test option for HIV

Indian researchers use wild silk protein for faster, scar-free healing of wounds


Chennai researchers turn leather waste into electrode-grade carbon

IIT Kanpur unravels brown carbon’s effect on atmospheric warming

No complacency on Zika

IISER Mohali discovery gives a big boost to leukaemia research

CCMB researchers unravel the skin colour genetics of Indians

Pune researchers fabricate a flexible nanogenerator for wearable electronics

IIT Madras researchers with a Midas touch, on a nanoscale

Mumbai researchers use blood samples to diagnose pulmonary TB, MDR-TB

NCBS researchers find a biomarker for stress-induced memory loss

IISc produces a novel salt to better combat bacterial infections

IISER Thiruvananthapuram researchers can scoop out marine oil-spills

IISER Pune researchers turn insulating MOFs into semiconductors


Time India got serious about fighting TB

Can The Union think out of the box to hold the Lung Health conference in India? 

Pune researchers’ anti-leishmanial drug compound shows promise

About 0.5 million TB patients approaching RNTCP centres are not treated

IISER Kolkata makes targeted delivery of cancer drug possible

BHU researchers a step closer to preventing Alzheimer’s

BHU researchers use laser to remove blood clots

Voila! NPL scientists produce electricity from water without using electrolyte, light

IIT Bombay researchers a step closer to treating Parkinson’s disease

Electric bicycles from Chennai to hit the road soon

IISc’s self-powered UV photodetector can power electronic devices

IISER Kolkata uses human hair to produce cheaper cathodes for solar cells

IISER Pune researcher produces stable, inorganic, nanocrystal solar cells

Now, ‘qualified’ quacks will treat rural folks in West Bengal

Kochi scientists’ unique way to treat residual glioma cancer cells

IIT Hyderabad finds a chink in E. coli armour

Nobel Prizes – The lure of the exotic and esoteric

Non-communicable diseases killed more Indians in 2015

Quacks treat a majority of rural India

Voila! IISc’s catalyst uses sunlight to make water E. coli-free

Indian researchers’ membrane to solve marine oil spills


IISc develops a handheld device to detect melamine in milk

Chennai researchers’ simple approach to produce graphene nanosheets

IIT Madras develops a cheaper, lab-on-a-chip diagnostic device

IISc researchers find a novel, cheaper way to prevent sepsis

Pune researchers use bagasse to produce anode-grade carbon for Li-ion batteries

IIT Madras scientists’ cheaper solution to make brackish water potable

IIT Hyderabad develops sanitary napkins that absorb better

Pune researchers close to making cheaper, more efficient fuel cells

A novel compound prevents, cures malaria

ISRO makes India proud again

Indian researchers turn to zebrafish to study microvillus inclusion disease

Indian researchers use bacteria to power a tiny engine

Nobel Laureates to attend Nobel Prize Series in Gujarat in January 2017

Editorial: Sri Lanka conquers malaria and how

Thanks to air pollution, magnetic particles found in the brain

Indian researchers unlock preterm birth mystery

Higher abdominal obesity triples breast cancer risk in Indian women

CSIR scientist publishes nine papers in bogus journals


Editorial: ISRO’s scramjet on course

Indian researchers enhance BCG vaccine efficacy using anti-leprosy drug

60 percent of Indo-Gangetic groundwater too contaminated to use

‘Journal’ publisher in the dock for duping researchers

IISc researchers produce an improved water purification membrane

Pharmacies in India may not be causing TB drug-resistance

Indian private sector bears 2-3 times higher TB burden than estimated

Deforestation causes reduced rainfall in Ganga Basin, Northeast India

TB: DOTS therapy offered by RNTCP should be more flexible

Indian researchers use seaweed, sunlight to treat industrial dyes

IIT Madras researchers develop an optical system to detect algal blooms

Indian researchers use a novel drug to inhibit skin cancer in mice

Emissions from ships can impact monsoon activity over Bay of Bengal

IISc researchers find endosulfan causes DNA damage in animals

India’s avoidable rabies burden

Indian researchers prolong eggs’ shelf life using nanotechnology

Zika vaccine trials on monkeys show promise

IIT Bombay: Extreme rainfall not associated with warming

TB: Social media campaign launched to get Indian government to act

JULY 2016

The yawning gap in tuberculosis care in India

Indian researchers find a new ancestor of modern humans

Surplus river basins in India face drop in rainfall, IIT researchers say

A novel, powerful antibiotic found inside human nose

CSIR sends a strong message to Indian scientists

Nano particles pack a mega medicinal punch in green tea

Zebrafish provide insights into a rare human disease

CSIR: IMTECH scientist sacked for fabricating data

Trials with antibiotics lead to TB diagnosis delay

Repeated use of oil leads to increased trans fat content

With $18 million venture funding, IIT Madras Prof breaks the glass ceiling

Using fat tax to change food consumption behaviour

Mcr-1 gene found in second human sample in the U.S.

Is Kerala’s fat tax a mere topping than health initiative?

Screening for rare genetic disorders becomes easier

U.K. will continue to excel in science post-Brexit: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Infectious Zika virus found in saliva and urine

At last, Juno enters Jupiter’s orbit

Sin tax reduces intake of energy-dense food in Mexico

Nutrition labelling to take the pinch out of salt

Two genetic variants up the diabetes risk in Indians

JUNE 2016

A cheap, sensitive diagnostic tool for Zika virus developed

Many Zika cases will be missed if microcephaly screening alone is used

The changing landscape of malaria parasite P. vivax’s resistance to drugs

Artemisinin resistance dents the anti-malaria armour

Did WHO’s TB care advice cause more MDR-TB cases?

Bright LED street lighting adversly impacts health

First CRISPR trial on humans set to begin

Vaccine trial for Zika virus to start soon in humans

Holding Olympics in the time of Zika virus

When the media created the ‘wild’ type-2 polio virus

Potential drug target identified for Zika virus

One more reason to avoid consanguineous marriages

LIGO: Merger makes waves, again

Friends, relatives are not always safe blood donors 

Hyping up the benefits of private cord blood banking

Why Indians, SE Asian Malays respond differently to some drugs

IIT Madras researchers dissolve silver using glucose water

Zika can be transmitted by oral sex

MAY 2016

When pills make us worse: Monitoring the adverse effects of medicines

Will the Zika infection rate during Olympics be lower?

Will mcr-1 gene cause a new superbug?

Get ready for plain packaging of tobacco products

More light on how Zika virus infects the placenta

Finally, mosquito species transmitting Zika virus confirmed

Bread makers in India to stop using potassium bromate and potassium iodate additives

Gender bias: fewer girls get cardiac care in Punjab

Editorial: ISRO’s new frontiers with reusable launch vehicle

Editorial: IRNSS – Self-reliance is the key

APRIL 2016

One minute of hard exercise thrice a week has great health benefits

Polio: Off-label use of IPV vaccine to tide over shortage

Heat wave conditions in India to persist till April 27

Global ‘switch’ to reduce vaccine-derived polio cases

Indian researchers show cancer drugs can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

Warming brings better weather to the U.S.

Loosening the vice-like grip of chewing tobacco

IIT Delhi develops a novel, cheap device for sepsis diagnosis

Getting pregnant in the time of Zika

A ‘turning point’ in the Zika outbreak

CDC confirms Zika virus causes microcephaly, other birth defects

‘Extremely severe’ brain damage found in babies with Zika-linked defect

Temple disaster: Why potassium chlorate is banned for use in fireworks

Missing girls of Indian-born parents in Canada

How Zika virus causes microcephaly studied

Editorial: On detecting and delaying diabetes

Activity equivalent calorie labelling to fight obesity

Treating sugar addiction to reverse obesity prevalence

Sharp increase in diabetes patients, obese & underweight adults in India

Yoga as a ‘cancer cure’ is a claim without basis

MARCH 2016

Where does the fat go when you lose weight?

A simple blood test can help reduce global TB burden

IISc: A novel method to kill cancerous cells

Now, solar energy can power air conditioner, refrigerator

Let larger pictorial warnings stay

Parliamentary committee recommends smaller pictorial warnings

Editorial: Transparency by AERB at any cost

Plastic degrading bacteria isolated

Racket maker Head backs Maria Sharapova

Editorial: Maria Sharapova and a poser for sport

Doping: ‘Excessive and inappropriate’ use of meldonium drug  during Baku 2015 European Games

Drug resistance: The antibiotic red line of control

Zika virus might cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, a French Polynesia study shows

Tobacco excise duty increase lowest in the last five years

First diagnostic test kit for Zika virus already created

Zika Virus – “it really felt like having bad sunburn, all over your body” — by BMJ talk medicine


Landmark experiment improves coral calcification by 7% in Great Barrier Reef

Zika virus: The benefits of open research

A step closer to a safer, more efficacious TB vaccine

IISc: Garlic and artemisinin derivative kill malaria parasites

Pilot testing of bedaquiline drug on TB patients to start soon

Editorial: LIGO-India – A landmark for Indian scientists

The curious case of larvicides causing microcephaly

Listening to the chirps of gravitational waves

Editorial: Elusive gravitational waves detected

Editorial: Time for pharma course correction

Zika: When research goes off the rails

Novel approaches to fight Aedes aegypti mosquito

Editorial: Gearing up for the Zika threat


Sugar tax may be the bitter pill to cut obesity

Zika: ‘I think WHO should declare an emergency’

Sounding the smoke alarm on sale of tobacco to minors

India sets an example in subsidised TB diagnosis

No, zebra stripes not for camouflage

IISc: endosulfan induces infertility in male mice

Inter-group violence may be as old as 10,000 years

Focus on quality at Jeevan Stem Cell Bank

Pakistan’s polio plan needs global support

An Ebola cloud with a silver lining

IIT Madras: designer alloys by chemical reactions


‘India should show leadership in TB research’

Lab-grown vocal cord tissue

‘India’s fight against TB lacks punch’

‘Child-friendly paediatric TB drugs will be a game changer’

Child-friendly TB drugs launched


Alas, topical steroids sold as over-the-counter drugs

IPV vaccine boost to India’s polio fight

Chennai city’s new strategy to eliminate TB

Philae: one year on comet 67P

Western Sahara once had a large river network

Will funding issues derail the Indian dengue vaccine trial?


Surprising discovery of oxygen in 67P comet’s atmosphere

Show cause notices sent to 10 Indian doctors for receiving payment from drug companies

Fake journal publishing flourishes in India

Indian scientist in the news for wrong reasons

ASTROSAT spots Crab Nebula, the brightest X-ray source

Less risk of skin cancer if exposed to UV radiation in the morning: Nobel Laureate Aziz Sancar

Ediorial: Revolutionary therapies

Two objects fused to form Rosetta’s 67P comet


Editorial: Space observatory takes wing

ASTROSAT, India’s unique space observatory

Alcohol users in India face higher health risk, mortality

Outdoor air pollution killed 0.65 million Indians in 2010: study

Novel approach to prevent motion sickness

Over 3 million premature deaths in India in 2013, says study

New insights into how geckos climb walls


Medicinal properties of tulsi unravelled

Women live four years longer than men in India

Gene responsible for obesity in Indians identified

An App for cardiovascular management shows promise

Pluto may be geologically active

A Promising target to treat cognitive disorders identified

A ‘young Jupiter’ exoplanet discovered

Spread of drug-resistant malaria parasites looms large

Why the 7.8 magnitude Nepal quake was less devastating

Editorial: Victory over Ebola

Indian cholera vaccine found to be safe, efficacious

JULY 2015

Smell guides mosquitoes to see a human host

Editorial: Historic fly-by of New Horizons

GM mosquitoes check dengue in Brazil

The science of screams deciphered

Insight into how the brain forms memories

JUNE 2015

Breakthrough in treating leucoderma

MDR-TB spreads less within households

New antimalarial agent shows promise

IIT Madras: graphene nanoribbons produced by a novel method

Scientist proposes marriage through a journal paper

Heat wave threshold ignores public health impact

Now, soft tissue found in ancient dinosaur samples

Disability burden highest in diabetics

MAY 2015

Evidence of earliest murder comes to light

IIT Hyderabad: Scanning kidneys becomes easy

TB: India study confirms Xpert diagnostic test’s superiority

Editorial: This tobacco warning should stay

Repurposed antibiotic shows promise

India flooded with unsafe drug combinations

What ails science in India?

Why the May 12 Nepal quake is called an aftershock

TB treatment programme in India may be generating more MDR cases

APRIL 2015

Chikungunya vaccine shows promise

Himalayas: next major quake may be west of the recent one

25 years of the Hubble Space Telescope

How knuckle cracking produces popping sound

Emissions from biomass burning cross the Himalayas

A pictorial warning must shock

MARCH 2015

TIFR: star sound discovered?

Fixed nitrogen: Mars was once habitable

Editorial: India flounders as H1N1 spreads

IISc: Chennai highest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases

Mutations make H1N1 virulent, spread easily

India turns spotlight on adolescent health

Mothers’ low weight linked to shorter height of Indian children


IISc researchers produce a superior water filter

Smokers die 10 years sooner

Editorial: Under-5 mortality – the cost of negligence

Serum Institute’s H1N1 vaccine will be ready next month

Working towards personalised TB treatment

Why rural children in India die of diarrhoea and pneumonia

8 million tonnes of plastic waste entered oceans in 2010

Editorial: The menace of plastic waste

‘Obesity is a chronic, treatment-resistant disease’

Editorial: Lethal injection is cruel and unusual

A smartphone dongle to diagnose HIV, syphilis


Editorial: Climate change deniers

Editorial: Another Ebola battle won

IISc: Repurposing existing drugs to fight TB

Meningitis: Indian vaccine will protect infants too

Editorial: Sterilisation deaths – no room for choice

Indian Science Congress: An annual ritual losing its meaning

Editorial: Science Congress – mythology and science

Editorial: A step in the right direction

Key science developments to look forward to in 2015


ISRO: Radhakrishnan in journal Nature’s top ten list

Editorial: A significant achievement

Increase in life expectancy more in women in India

The pollutants causing discolouration of Taj Mahal identified

Editorial: Plastic bags – the cost of convenience

Mountains of plastic waste afloat in the oceans

Editorial: H5N1 – no room for complacency

IISc: novel way to reduce cell damage found


Editorial: Discouraging cigarette sales

IIT: Novel way to produce safer drinking water

Editorial: Strengthening care of the newborn

Using a diabetes drug to treat TB shows promise

Editorial: L’Aquila – Bizarre verdict reversed

Editorial: Sterlisation targets endanger lives

Editorial: The continuing polio challenge

Ebola: Australia not to send health workers to Africa


Ebola: Australia’s unjustified ban

Editorial: Going by medical evidence

Editorial: Loosening tobacco’s deadly grip

Sanitation: Behavioural change critical

‘India has the potential to end all preventable child deaths’

Editorial: Brightness at night

Coverage of antenatal care in India has to be increased: WHO

Preterm births and pneumonia kill most children under five years in India


‘There is fantastic immunisation coverage in India’

IISc: novel membrane filters water, kills bacteria

Editorials: Outreach plans for scientists

Fastest decline in child mortality rates witnessed

Editorial: Ebola – Lessons to be learnt

IISc: Sapota’s anticancer properties studied

Can BRCA gene be patented?

Communicating through telepathy achieved

Diabetes triples the risk of developing active TB

Cardiovascular risk factors low but mortality high in India

Editorial: Commendable initiative on open defecation


New approach needed to curb open defecation?

Editorial: Rosetta makes space history

Editorial: Keeping Ebola in check

IIT Madras: Turning a simple optical microscope into a powerful tool

Editorial: Irrational prejudice against people with HIV

JULY 2014

Editorial: A blot on Indian science

Editorial: Sin tax and tobacco use

A novel cholera vaccine developed in India provides more protection

Scientists, doctors write an open letter condemning violence in Gaza

India scores by battling HIV/AIDS but falls short fighting TB and malaria

Excise hike on gutka may apply only to Meghalaya, Lakshadweep

IMTECH: CSIR scientist used faked data in seven papers

Keeping girls in school cuts child, maternal mortality

Bangladesh: women’s education cuts maternal, child mortality

JUNE 2014

Finally, neonatal mortality prevention gains attention

Ten countries that were on a fast-track to achieve the MDG 4 & 5 goals

New avenues to novel drugs open up

IISc: Targeting a chink in TB bacteria’s armour

STAP cells: Haruko Obokata agrees to retract controversial papers

Will tax hike reduce tobacco consumption in India?

Editorial: Tobacco causes a huge health burden

Editorial: Maternal mortality – No reason to cheer

5.5 million ‘invisible’ baby deaths a year

A new test promises better diagnosis of TB in children

Non-fasting test sufficient for gestational diabetes screening

APRIL 2014

PaMZ drug combination is a game changer for TB and MDR-TB treatment

Editorial: Reining in cancer

Childhood TB: symptom-based contact screening safe, reliable

Tobacco use accounts for 40 per cent of all cancers in India, says report

Training doctors to diagnose paediatric TB to start soon

Editorial: Neutralising diarrhoea, a mass killer

What ails Indian science?

MARCH 2014

One million TB cases in children annually

IIT Madras: Honey, I shrunk the mass spectrometer

Indigenous vaccine against diarrhoea virus ‘safe’

Editorial: The wages of scientific fraud

The “landmark” stem cell paper may be retracted

Editorial: Regulating stem cell therapy

MenAfriVac: first use of vaccine outside of the cold chain in Africa


Black skin, a response to skin cancer risk

Editorial: No end to inhumanity

Duplication of images in stem cell papers spotted

Restrictive global governance system affects public health

Editorial: The ways of tobacco companies

Smoking causes type II diabetes

A novel bird flu virus kills woman


Now, reversing adult cells to stem cells becomes easy

Editorial: XDR-TB – An ominous situation

Can cold exposure be an effective strategy to fight obesity?

‘Long-term outcomes in South African patients with XDR-TB poor’

Editorial: Smoking – A patchy record

Choroideremia: gene therapy shows promise

Why oral polio vaccination must for India-bound Pakistanis

Editorial: Mission to cut neonatal deaths

IPAQT: subsidised Xpert TB test in private labs gets popular

Mangroves in Florida expanding poleward


‘In 2003, RNTCP had eight lines in the guidelines that related to TB in children’

Clinical trials on child-friendly bedaquiline MDR-TB drug for children initiated

‘Nuances of childhood TB are never taught in medical schools’

Child-friendly, first-line TB combination drugs will be available in 2016: Dr. Mel Spigelman

Editorial: New bird flu strains

TB and the child

Second-line TB drugs: ‘It is more difficult to assess adverse effects in children’

‘Children metabolise TB drugs much faster than adults’

Malnourished children in India below three years are underdosed for first-line TB drugs


‘Sentinel Project provides guidance on preventive treatment for children with MDR-TB infection’

Sentinel Project gives a fillip to managing MDR-TB in children

‘In 80-90 %, TB bacilli in children same as in MDR-TB index case’

‘Very few children in India are diagnosed and treated for MDR-TB’

‘Age has a significant effect on the immune system in childhood TB’

TB: ‘There is a clearly higher risk of mortality in children of 0-4 years’

Editorial: Missing TB cases

Why the true burden of paediatric TB remains unknown

Metformin: no cardiovascular benefit for non-diabetics


Paediatric TB: should Xpert molecular test replace smear microscopy?

Contact screening: the risk of wrong TB diagnosis

TB: how many young children are wrongly diagnosed as disease-free?

Editorial: Don’t ignore TB in children

Editorial: The right to safe abortions

Programme to prevent TB in children neglected


Editorial: Curiosity can’t kill life on Mars

Editorial: More than baby steps required

Comet impact leads to building blocks of life

Editorial: HPV trial – Collusion of the worst kind

A step closer to regenerative medicine


Editorial: Kepler telescope – Down but not out

Now, blood tests can reveal suicide risk

Editorial: Lab meat – Food for thought

IIT Madras: How the heart of AUV was developed

Editorial: H7N9 – No immediate threat

Editorial: A year of curiosity

Population admixture happened in India for 2,300 years

Editorial: Half measure on tobacco control

A -200° C refrigerator developed

JULY 2013

Indian’s UAV to survey Arctic ice algae

Editorial: Let the science decide on plioglitazone

Drugs board wants ban on Pioglitazone diabetes drug revoked

Pioglitazone: no bladder cancer for 3 years

Diabetes drug: ‘Maybe I erred in my judgement’

“Functional” blood vessels made from stem cells

Editorial: Organs, made to order

Editorial: Fear unfounded

Genetic basis of cholera resistance found

JUNE 2013

The secret behind speed throwing

Editorial: BRCA genes – Patent justice

Reducing water usage in steel industry

‘We are fighting a war against polio without a General’

Bring in injectable polio vaccine

Editorial: A river ran through Mars

Rounded pebbles on Mars point to water flow

MAY 2013

Radiation risk to astronauts travelling to Mars measured

New way to develop influenza A vaccine

White Bengal tiger enigma solved

Editorial: When commerce rules the roost

BRCA gene case: will the court take the middle ground?

‘Not all BRAC1, BRAC2 mutations result in breast cancer’

North Pole drifts east due to climate change

Editorial: Too early to die

Is the new TB drug already being misused?

IIT Madras: Affordable water purification using silver nanoparticles

Editorial: Silent spread of H7N9

Camera with compound eye-like lenses

APRIL 2013

IGCAR: Hydrogen sensor for greater safety

Editorial: Crowdsourcing science

H7N9 silently spreads in humans and birds

Pottery used for cooking fish over 12,000 years ago

Editorial: The next contagion

Editorial: Houston, we have a litter problem

Towards cheaper, mass-scale housing

MARCH 2013

Editorial: Mars mission accomplished

WHO-approved TB test, now at a subsidised price

Increasing access to eye care

A trial drug raises hope to eradicate malaria

Editorial: Too early to cheer on HIV

A drug to treat leukaemia shows promise in mice

Study spikes notion atherosclerosis is lifestyle disease

Was the U.S. baby infected with HIV at all?

Getting more women into science

Seven more loci associated with age-related macular degeneration

Editorial: Celestial fireball


White House expands Open Access

Preventing heart failure post attack in pigs

Editorial: A model for the rest of India

Editorial: Setback in TB war

PeerJ journal: Path-breaking move

Web observatory for cybergazing

Editorial: Watery Mars


Chance favours the prepared mind

At last, hideout of dormant TB bacteria found

Editorial: Aaron Swartz – Right the wrong

Role of starch food digestion in dog domestication

After cancer, India starts stroke registry

Editorial: Searching for Earth’s twin

‘There is a need for statisticians to work closely with scientists’


Editorial: Great hope for science

Trials soon to test treatment for blindness due to chemical burns

Pilot project to test TB drug as prophylactic to HIV-infected

Prevalence of hypertension high in rural Tamil Nadu

Editorial: Setting an example

India: Appalling condition of primary healthcare services

Hybrid desalination plant at Kalpakkam


Why Kolar gold mine never became a repository

Editorial: Welcome move on clinical trials

Malaria vaccine trial on African infants disappointing

Dengue nation: The rise of a viral challenge

Brazil: reducing tobacco use is a ‘winnable battle’

Editorial: Open, Sesame


Editorial: L’Aquila – Scientists crucified

‘Our policy is to reprocess all the fuel put into a nuclear reactor’

Open Access: ‘A few countries are outstanding, including India’

Editorial: Child marriage – Lost childhood

India’s tuberculosis challenge

Efficient way to turn waste into resource

Editorial: Turning the clock back

Editorial: No room for haste


Guidelines for tuberculosis notification sent out

On the Net, a scam of a most scholarly kind

Editorial: After sayonara, second thoughts

Editorial: Sayonara nuclear power

TB control: challenges in engagement

TB control programme to engage private sector

Interim results of TB vaccine trial expected soon

Starting ART early prevents tuberculosis

Dengue still retains its deadly bite

Incentives-linked plan to detect TB cases

Evolution “prevails” in South Korea

80 % of human genome has an active role or function

‘Vitamin D hastens recovery in TB patients’

A shallow quake but high magnitude


Editorial: A sure recipe for disaster

Expert committee report plagiarised

IIT Madras develops a sensitive TNT sensor

Growing rice in soil poor in phosphorus possible

Editorial: Plain packaging – Packaging punch

206 million Indians use smokeless tobacco: study

Genetic differences seen in the same tree

Editorial: Pride and prejudice

Editorial: Stretching the limits

A new oxidant in the atmosphere identified

Even lower stress levels can increase risk of cardiovascular deaths, says study

JULY 2012

Editorial: Banning paan masala

A transitional form between lizards & modern-day snakes found

Editorial: Ignorance is not bliss

Editorial: Price of collusion

Glaciers in the Himalayas are shrinking rapidly, says study

A science enigma in Israel

A thin line separates science and religion: Dan Shechtman

Scientists should not be crucified for mistakes: Nobel Laureate

‘Science and technology can find sustainable solutions for many challenges’

JUNE 2012

German research at India’s doorstep

Wood and bark were part of human ancestor’s diet

Editorial: TB blood test – A necessary ban

Earliest evidence of dairying practices in Sahara found

Editorial: A retrograde decision

‘India is drowning in its own excreta’

Probiotics can reduce occurrence of diarrhoea

MAY 2012

Is curd a probiotic?

HIV testing: ‘An over-the-counter option offers privacy’

Editorial: Clean hands, stay healthy

Will high HDL level lower the risk of heart attack?

Editorial: Educating students for free

‘Cancer killed 5.56 lakh people in India in 2010′

Consuming plutonium for producing energy is the superior option: Anil Kakodkar

The safest way for plutonium disposal

Bird flu viruses have potential to cause a ‘human pandemic’

Editorial: A blow for open access

APRIL 2012

Editorial: TB or not TB

India accounted for 47 per cent of global measles deaths in 2010

Repairing damaged hearts by healing affected cells

Shantha Bio to supply cholera vaccine to Haiti

Magnetic sensors in pigeon beak unlikely

April 11 quake: Distance from epicentre protects Indian cities

Why the April 11 quake was caused by a strike-slip fault

Sumatra quake: Why there was no tsunami

Inherited intellectual disability can be reversed

Pigeon navigation: magnetic sensors in beak a fallacy, says study

Artemisinin-resistant malaria has emerged in western Thailand

Editorial: Call of the Deep

Fetoscopy technique saves at-risk twin foetuses

Humans may have used fire one million years ago

Editorial: Licensed to kill

MARCH 2012

New light on early bipedalism

‘Cancer killed 5.56 lakh in India in 2010’

Cause of male baldness found

IGCAR develops sensors to inspect defects in materials

White rice intake increases risk of Type II diabetes

Health consequences in adults with low birth weight studied

More instances of plagiarism come to light

Novel study in TN to know gestational diabetes effects

With alien seeds, Antarctica ‘no longer most pristine environment’

Editorial: The ways of science

Editorial: Fatal attraction of plagiarism

Novel technique using stem cells revives damaged eye


Editorial: Fukushima – Let truth prevail

Still sprouting after 32,000 years

Editorial: Don’t ignore the adults

Human activity reverses species diversity

Editorial: Clinical trials in the dock

Cardiac stem cells can restore heart muscles, says study

Role of Y chromosome in inherited coronary artery disease

Editorial: Talk less, text more

Editorial: Making science enjoyable

Harmful effects of excess sugar intake

‘Lab-created H5N1 viruses removed natural barriers’


A long journey — History of horse domestication traced

Censorship won’t stop bird flu contagion

Editorial: Hwang Woo-Suk – Cheating science

Yeast evolves to multicellular variety in 60 days in the lab

Two more planets orbiting binary stars discovered

Editorial: A step closer to HIV prevention


Editorial: Thinking after acting

Editorial: New evidence of water on Mars

Editorial: An eye opener

Scientists a step closer to finding Higgs boson

An Indian veteran recalls his Antarctic experiences

Editorial: Gene therapy offers fresh hope

100 years — Amundsen’s dash to immortality

Can chimps see sounds?

Editorial: Bring in plain packaging

Is Curiosity only an advanced science lab?


Editorial: Europe’s blow for health safety

Speed of Neutrinos: Replication of OPERA results is the key

When 60 nanoseconds threaten modern physics

Replication of OPERA results is the key

Editorial: A hero — but no magic this

Editorial: A chance to do real science

Autistics’ strengths can be useful in research


Editorial: No risk of brain tumour

Editorial: Conquering malaria

Editorial: India versus TB

Induced pluripotent stem cells cure liver cirrhosis

Linking genetic changes to human diseases become easy

Editorial: Weird Mercury

Steve Jobs: He gave us four big bytes of the tech apple

Editorial: How pathogens are killed

Editorial: Littered space

Editorial: Necessary but not good enough


Editorial: AIDS vaccine – a ray of hope

Heat-resistant fungal spores found in Western Ghats

Editorial: Signs of earliest life

Phase-I prime-boost AIDS vaccine trial shows modest immune response

Moon to have no-fly zones by month end

Editorial: Brief workouts count

Editorial: The hidden river

Underground ‘river’ is fed all along its course: Hamza

Antibiotic resistance is ancient in origin


A novel route to battle dengue carrying mosquitoes

Editorial: Archaeopteryx dethroned

Open science — a transparent and novel way to do research

Editorial: Dangerous nonsense of salt and BP

JULY 2011

Editorial: Say no to TB blood tests

Editorial: Indo-African gene admixture

Archaeopteryx is not an early bird, study says

Editorial: Marvellous rodent

Team work leads to equitable sharing of rewards

Editorial: Open access is here to stay

1000 Genome-Wide Association Studies lack global coverage

Editorial: A powerful concept

JUNE 2011

Coconut: origin and east-west spread from Asia

Editorial: Lessons from Japan quake

Japan: why the killer quake was never expected

Editorial: Parrots or crows?

Editorial: Believe it or not

Editorial: Radiation and thyroid cancer

Young children should avoid using cell phones

Editorial: Is there a brain cancer risk?

MAY 2011

Editorial: A shockingly unethical trial

Did humans and Neanderthals coexist in Europe?

Editorial: Threat from chronic diseases

Editorial: What ails public health research?

APRIL 2011

Editorial: The superbug effect

Editorial: Unlocking Mercury’s secrets

Superbug NDM-1: 2010 results confirmed by others

Editorial: Fifty years since Gagarin’s flight

NDM-1 superbugs found in seepage, tap water

MARCH 2011

Editorial: Highly skilled early knappers

Acheulian stone tools discovered near Chennai

Earthquake: unpredictability is its middle name

Naoto Kan: “What the hell is going on?”

Fukushima Daiichi: how the nuclear plant crisis happened

Editorial: Use and misuse of the placebo effect

Editorial: In search of a second earth

Editorial: BMI and risk of death

Dying with dignity through ‘assisted suicide’

Dedicated lab for HIV vaccine design


Editorial: The killer aftershock

For more accurate BP readings

Editorial: Out of Africa


Grunting affects opponent’s response time

Editorial: MMR vaccine & science fraud

Editorial: Hyping up science

Nanotechnology: ‘None said ‘there are risks, so let’s stop it’

The challenge for chemistry

Editorial: Shoring up public healthcare


Editorial: Revolutionary test for TB

‘Science is cool and fun,’ say child authors


England takes the first step to legalise assisted dying

Effects of sea level rise on Tamil Nadu coast

Editorial: Treasure trove

Editorial: Origins of plant life


Malarial deaths in India grossly underestimated by WHO

Editorial: Landmark achievement

Editorial: The threat of lifestyle diseases


AIDS vaccine trial: prime-boost elicits modest immune response

Editorial: Dead water zones

Editorial: Better news on the HIV front

The great continental divide on scientific issues

Genetic therapy cures thalassaemia

Editorial: Ideology ruins science

Drug-resistant bacteria protect the vulnerable microbes


Editorial: Shrinking Moon

Uncertainty over mega science projects in Europe

Editorial: Superbug NDM-1 threat

All authors ‘approved final version’ of superbug report: Lancet

First use of stone tools pushed back by 8 lakh years

Editorial: Promising microbicide

Editorial: A timely effort

Sponge species sheds light on animal evolution

Editorial: Long-acting insulin

JULY 2010

Cholesterol: low HDL level not a risk?

Editorial: Welcome Studsat

Editorial: Early humans in a colder climate

Evidence of early humans who lived in colder climate found

Editorial: Water on Mars

Earliest multicellular, O2 breathing organisms found

JUNE 2010

Editorial: L’Aquila, a bizarre indictment

Editorial: The power of cash incentives

Editorial: WHO and conflicts of interest

Editorial: A ray of hope

MAY 2010

Editorial: Neanderthal genes in us

Chemical signature of Archaeopteryx revealed

The chance discovery of the ozone hole

APRIL 2010

Editorial: Doing science in a new way

How the young brigade mapped the TB genome

Editorial: Landmark judgement

Editorial: A new human species

What invalidating breast cancer gene patents implies

MARCH 2010

Editorial: China’s rise in science

New species in human’s family tree found

Editorial: What genome sequencing reveals

Journal Nature confirms China’s high-quality research output

Species survival, protected area link found

Editorial: Dinosaur-eating snake

Chile: where three tectonic plate boundaries meet

Extinct Indian snake preyed on dinosaur hatchlings


Editorial: Hair reveals our past

Now, ancient human genome studied

Editorial: Bird puzzle solved


Editorial: Earthquakes and science

Editorial: Pandemic lessons to be learnt

Editorial: Oldest four-legged animals


Editorial: A worthwhile programme

Editorial: Pandemic vaccine is safe

Climate change science complex, effects clear

Editorial: Limiting salt intake

Effects of aircraft emissions studied


Editorial: HIV entry ban repealed

‘I absolutely believe that scientists should be paid more than they are currently’

Editorial: Make pictures speak

Editorial: Setback to science

Editorial: Hyping science

Measles: two-dose regimen a must

Hwang Woo Suk – down but not out


Editorial: Conflict of interest in research

The future for Hwang Woo Suk does not look gloomy

Concerns about H1N1 vaccine safety snowball in Germany

Editorial: Prediction gets tougher

ALVAC-AIDSVAX AIDS vaccine unlikely to be a public health control measure

Sumatra earthquake triggered quakes 8,000 km away

My exposure to Physics certainly helped me: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Editorial: Glimmer of hope

Embryonic-like stem cells generated from cord blood

Avian infection could have killed T. rex

Depression: 15 % prevalence seen in Chennai


NASA changes its Moon crash target

Unambiguous evidence of water on Moon found

Sinking Indian deltas put millions at risk

Study throws light on genetic diversity of Indian population

Editorial: Towards effective H1N1 vaccine

H1N1 trial results in children show promise

Tortured brains tell not the truth

Hormone replacement therapy increases risk of death from lung cancer

Gene therapy cures red-green colour blindness in adult monkeys

Antarctic ice cap formed due to reduced CO2

India’s TB treatment strategy stands vindicated

Promising results from two H1N1 vaccine trials

Single dose of H1N1 vaccine produces robust immune response

Rapid diagnostic tests for H1N1 not reliable

A step closer to restoring vision using embryonic-like stem cells

H1N1 vaccine trial in pregnant women set to begin soon in the U.S.

“CIA health professionals played greater role in torture than previously known”

Editorial: Misplaced vaccine safety fears

Are facemasks effective in preventing H1N1 transmission?

India rejects patent claims on two HIV/AIDS drugs

Nanosensor breathalyser for diagnosing lung cancer

In India BP levels higher in girls than boys

Of monkeys and their music

Editorial: Ghosting medical science


A moderated website for sharing H1N1 information

H1N1 transmission in the tropics is by contact

World’s smallest semiconductor laser

How the colour blind see coloured medication

Natural odours may keep mosquitoes at bay

Plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean

New species of marine life discovered

Universal screening for gestational diabetes becomes easier

Retina cells grown from skin-derived stem cells

High blood pressure linked to memory loss

Smoking raises the risk of developing TB disease: study

Molecule that senses influenza A (flu) identified

‘Nature’ rated as the top research journal

Flooding may no longer damage rice plants

Public cord blood banking scores a century

Link between polished rice intake and diabetes found

One step closer to treating neurodegenerative diseases

A video on groundwater depletion in India

Editorial: Bar-coding plants

New nanolaser produced

More dangerous chemicals found in smokeless tobacco

Nanoflares responsible for superhot corona of the Sun

How long you sleep is in your gene

The journal Science plans online videos of select papers

Targeted killing of cancer stem cells

Swine flu: AIDS patients not at greater risk of infection

Editorial: Clearing the final hurdle

Amputation: Smokers learnt the hard way

Bone marrow stem cell treatment saves legs

Editorial: Milestone in stem cell research

JULY 2009

Growing limbal stem cells without using human scaffold

Editorial: Accessing publicly funded research

Editorial: More transparent clinical trials

Editorial: H1N1  – No room for complacency

Reboxetine: Pfizer conceals trial data

Detecting breast cancer using thermal imaging

JUNE 2009

Editorial: Climate change and agriculture

Different diseases pose different challenges

Thalassemia cured using cord blood stem cells

Bringing more transparency to clinical trials

Cardiac CT: reducing radiation dosage possible

MAY 2009

Has the war directed at science ended?

Swine flu and thermal imaging

Treating TB, AIDS co-infection

Editorial: Misleading on Vioxx drug safety

Editorial: Ending the war on science

Editorial: AIDS vaccine prospects brighten

APRIL 2009

Phase I prime-boost AIDS vaccine trial on

Editorial: Polypill: promise and problems

Editorial: Battling cervical cancer

Editorial: A boost to open access

MARCH 2009

Editorial: Cash transfers in new light

Harvesting stem cells from umbilical cord

Celecoxib: a big research fraud stands exposed

Editorial: Polar changes

Editorial: Removing the shackles

Embryonic stem cell research winter ends

PFBR: novel steel reduces power generation cost

Editorial: Dwindling catches

Bruce Alberts: ‘GM crops are not an issue in the U.S.’


Editorial: A giant leap in sequencing Neanderthal genome

Unlocking the secrets of human evolution

Editorial: Research funding imperatives

Charles Darwin: Filling the missing links

Rocking Charles Darwin’s tree of life

Only a fraction of all species identified

Genome of sorghum plant sequenced


Editorial:  Encouraging voluntary testing

14 % drop in coral growth seen in the Great Barrier Reef

Public cord-blood banking becomes a reality in Chennai


Editorial: The oral polio vaccine is safe

Editorial: Radiation-induced mutation

HIV: is early start of ART prudent?


Chandrayaan-1: imaging the moon in 64 colours

A decade of embryonic stem cell research

Editorial: New hope for stem cell research

How Chandrayaan-1 will help compile a 3D atlas


Catherine Verfaillie: Another stem cell fraudster

How Chandrayaan-1 is raised to higher orbits

Chandrayaan-1: Why ISRO changed the orbit-transfer strategy

Vioxx: drug promotion in guise of research

Bystander radiation effects studied in vivo in mice

Orchid: first fundamental research collaboration


Editorial: Ensuring transparency at GEAC

HPV vaccination: key factors studied

‘Waiver offers opportunity for nuclear exports’


Pilot study: good response to female prophylactic in TN

Editorial: AIDS vaccine – A glimmer of hope

Phase I prime-boost vaccine trial to be conducted in Chennai, Pune

India: AIDS vaccine trial results encouraging

Editorial: Study confirms the merits of nutrition

Phase I prime-boost HIV vaccine trial planned

Prevalence of dementia in India underestimated

Sheep death: no test for Bt toxin done

JULY 2008

AIDS: importance of nutrition confirmed

Editorial: Cut emissions to save fishes

Thirty years since Louise Brown, a way of life

Editorial: Regulating stem cell research

PFBR: main vessel to be installed soon

China earthquake: topography can reveal tectonic activity

Rice: more silica in soil reduces arsenic uptake

Editorial: GM crops – Precaution is the key

Evaluating a new MDR-TB test

GM field trials: leaving no room for assessment

JUNE 2008

GEAC: The truth behind sheep death revealed

Many skeletons tumble out of GEAC’s cupboard

GM crops’ biosafety testing procedure questioned

Editorial: Proceed with caution

Helping drug addicts kick the needle

Relooking at single-dose nevirapine strategy, to cut drug resistance

Evaluating drug resistance in HIV positive people

MAY 2008

Editorial: A welcome initiative

Testing for tuberculosis, HIV co-infection

FBTR: plant to vitrify nuclear waste

ICGAR: producing efficient heat sinks using nanofluids

Fast breeder: generating power at 40 paise/unit less

PFBR: work on to increase the burn-up by 50 per cent

Co-location of fuel reprocessing, refabrication

Putting the FBTR to the litmus test

Metallic fuel for fast breeders after 2020

FBTR: ‘We don’t see any problems with reprocessing’

APRIL 2008

Register trials, insist Indian editors

Vioxx safety data manipulated

Editorial: Public funding and open access

Editorial: Need for early intervention

Open access gets a fillip

Editorial: Transparency at last

MARCH 2008

How to detect true gestational diabetes

Editorial: MDR-TB – No time to lose

Screening newborns for two metabolic disorders takes off

Glaucoma: misconceptions galore


Incidence of diabetes studied

Managing diseases using stem cells

Imaging cancer with PET-CT

Editorial: Lessons from AIDS vaccine trial

Saving legs through stem cell transplantation


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