Indian researcher uses novel strategy to increase wheat yield, improve resilience to drought

Using a novel route, an Indian researcher has been able to increase wheat grain yield by 20% and also improve the resilience of wheat to environmental stress such as drought. By using a precursor that enhances the amount of a key sugar signalling molecule (trehalose-6-phosphate (T6P)) produced in wheat plant, Dr. Ram Sagar Misra, from... Continue Reading →

Tamil Nadu researchers show chronic exposure to commonly used insecticide causes diabetes

A study by scientists at Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, India, has found evidence that long-term exposure to organophosphate insecticides induces diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in both mice and humans. The researchers found that organophosphates-induced diabetes was mediated by gut bacteria. The results were published in the journal Genome Biology. A survey of around... Continue Reading →

IIT Gandhinagar develops irrigation maps of India

For the first time, high-resolution maps of irrigated areas across India from 2000-2015 have been prepared using remote sensing data. The maps were validated with ground-based survey data. High-resolution irrigated water maps are essential for estimation of irrigation water demand and consumption on a spatial scale, crop productivity assessments and hydrologic modelling. The maps were developed... Continue Reading →

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