The secret behind speed throwing

Humans are distinct from chimpanzees when it comes to throwing objects at high speed and with great accuracy. This ability, which first evolved in humans some two million years ago, helped while hunting animals. Humans do not have any of the characteristics so essential for hunting — speed, strength, agility, claws or sharp canines to … Continue reading The secret behind speed throwing

Can chimps see sounds?

Published in The Hindu on December 8, 2011 Can people be trained to associate colour with sound? A unique experiment involving six chimps and 33 humans showed that some kind of an association can be built between the two. Vera Ludwig, a cognitive neuroscientist at Charité Medical University in Berlin, Germany and colleagues from the … Continue reading Can chimps see sounds?

Team work leads to equitable sharing of rewards

Published in The Hindu on July 21, 2011 Does sharing rewards come naturally to humans? A study published today (July 21) in Nature found that humans do share their rewards equitably with others. There is a rider, though. Equitable sharing comes naturally to children as young as two years and three years only when it … Continue reading Team work leads to equitable sharing of rewards