L’Aquila’s bizarre verdict reversed

Justice has finally been done. A few days ago, an appeals court in L’Aquila, Italy, acquitted six Italian scientists who were convicted of manslaughter and awarded a six-year jail term in October 2012 for failing to communicate to the public the risk of an earthquake striking L’Aquila. The scientists were part of the seven-member official … Continue reading L’Aquila’s bizarre verdict reversed

Editorial: Scientists crucified

Published in The Hindu on October 30, 2012 If predicting with a high degree of confidence when and where an earthquake will strike and how devastating it will be — even in an earthquake-prone region — is impossible at this point in time, how can the attendant risks be communicated to the public with a … Continue reading Editorial: Scientists crucified

Editorial: L’Aquila, a bizarre indictment

Published in The Hindu on June 25, 2010 In what may go down in history as one of the more bizarre indictments of modern times, six Italian scientists and one government official could face charges of manslaughter for a failure to do something that science has no answer for. The provocation: the Commission for High … Continue reading Editorial: L’Aquila, a bizarre indictment