Nearly 50% of diabetics identified in 14 Indian States unaware of their condition

A large community-based study involving over 57,000 adults from 14 States and a Union Territory (Chandigarh) in the country has revealed that the average prevalence of diabetes in these States stands at 7.3%. The prevalence varied from 4.3% of the population in the case of Bihar, to 10.4% in Tamil Nadu; Chandigarh was found to... Continue Reading →

Bharat Biotech has begun chikungunya vaccine Phase I trial

The Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech has begun a Phase I human clinical trial of the indigenously developed chikungunya vaccine three months ago. The vaccine uses a killed virus. The Phase I trial will test mainly for safety and the ability of the vaccine to provoke an immune response in the body. The higher the immune response... Continue Reading →

Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes less capable of spreading Zika, chikunguya

With conventional vector controlling measures against dengue- and Zika-causing Aedes aegypti mosquitoes failing, several countries have started caged and even open field trials using genetically modified mosquitoes. India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Monash University for using Wolbachia-infected A. aegypti mosquitoes for vector control. Dengue, Zika or chikunguya viruses cannot replicate when mosquitoes have been infected... Continue Reading →

Seventy-year journey of Zika virus

Zika is an arbovirus infection which occurs through the bite of several different species of Aedes mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti which is active during the day; it can also be transmitted sexually. The virus was first isolated from a rhesus monkey in Uganda in the Zika forest, near the western shore of Lake Victoria,... Continue Reading →

Ridiculous excuse for India’s shocking cover-up of Zika virus cases

It may well be said that the surveillance system put in place by the Health Ministry achieved a measure of success in identifying three adults who were infected with the Zika virus between November 2016 and February 2017 in Gujarat. Yet, the Ministry acted extremely irresponsibly by withholding the information from the local administration, doctors and the media.... Continue Reading →

Don’t ignore the adults in deworming

A year after the Health Ministry started the massive public health exercise of using a single dose of Albendazole drug for deworming millions of children in 2015, the programme was tweaked. Since 2016, the deworming exercise is a biannual event; nearly 150 million children in the 1-19 years age group were given two doses of... Continue Reading →

Three Zika cases reported in Ahmedabad, India in Januray 2017

The dreaded Zika virus has finally reached the Indian shores. On May 15, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reported to the World Health Organisation three laboratory-confirmed cases of Zika virus disease in Bapunagar area, Ahmedabad District, Gujarat. “This report is important as it describes the first cases of Zika virus infections and provides... Continue Reading →

Indian researchers use a novel approach to kill TB bacteria

A team of Indian researchers has been able to achieve 100-fold reduction in TB bacterial load in lungs of mice after 60 days of treatment using bergenin — a phytochemical isolated from tender leaves of sakhua or shala tree (Shorea robusta). Unlike the regularly used antibiotic drugs that target the TB bacteria, the bergenin compound... Continue Reading →

Euro VI diesel emission norms can avert nearly 174,000 premature deaths

Despite tighter nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission norms for diesel cars, buses and trucks in several countries, the actual amount of NOx emitted by diesel vehicles is far more during on-road driving conditions than under laboratory testing carried out at the time of certification. As a result, the excess NOx emitted over certification limits caused nearly... Continue Reading →

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