Preterm babies don’t gain growth by early initiation of complementary food

Babies born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation) have a higher energy requirement than babies born full term and therefore fail to gain weight adequately. Parents of preterm babies and doctors alike are not sure whether breast milk or formula milk alone will meet the energy requirements after the first four months and whether... Continue Reading →

An App for cardiovascular management shows promise

Researchers have found a way to improve the quality of primary care and clinical outcomes cost-effectively by using a smart phone application for cardiovascular management program (SimCard). A trial was conducted in India and China. The study, which is the first dual-country trial of its kind worldwide, was delivered by community health workers and is... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Neutralising diarrhoea, a mass killer

The curiosity and keen observation shown by a single doctor at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi in 1985, combined with unprecedented team work by people from 13 institutions, both in India and abroad, would soon start annually saving the lives of thousands of children aged less than five years from a... Continue Reading →

Unsafe injections, fatal infections

Published in The Hindu on September 22, 2005 About 40 per cent of the 16 billion injections given in the year 2000 in the developing countries alone had used unsterilised injection devices leading to the spread of blood-borne virus infections — 41 per cent hepatitis C infections, 30 per cent hepatitis B infections and 5... Continue Reading →

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