Himalayas: next major quake may be west of the recent one

“In future, if any earthquake were to happen along the Himalayas, it may happen further west of the focus of the main April 25 quake,” said Dr. R.K. Chadha, Chief Scientist at the Hyderabad-based National Geophysical Research Institute. That is because the 7.8 magnitude April 25 quake was caused by a unidirectional fracture. From the … Continue reading Himalayas: next major quake may be west of the recent one

Sumatra quake: Why there was no tsunami

Published in The Hindu on April 12, 2012 The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) initially estimated Wednesday's earthquake off the west coast of Northern Sumatra, at 8.9 magnitude. But it was subsequently lowered to 8.7 and then to 8.6. Similarly, the focus of the quake was first thought to be 33 km from the surface, but … Continue reading Sumatra quake: Why there was no tsunami

Editorial: L’Aquila, a bizarre indictment

Published in The Hindu on June 25, 2010 In what may go down in history as one of the more bizarre indictments of modern times, six Italian scientists and one government official could face charges of manslaughter for a failure to do something that science has no answer for. The provocation: the Commission for High … Continue reading Editorial: L’Aquila, a bizarre indictment

Earthquakes and science

The 7-magnitude shallow-depth earthquake of January 12, which had its epicentre about 15 kilometres southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, ruptured the long Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault for a length of about 75 km and width of 13 km to 15 km. The extent of rupture along the fault will become clearer after detailed studies are carried … Continue reading Earthquakes and science