Zika vaccine Phase I trial to begin next month in India

Bharat Biotech International Ltd in Hyderabad will start a Phase I clinical trial of Zika virus vaccine (MR 766) in two centres in India next month. The inactivated  vaccine being tested in humans will be an African Zika virus strain. “We have already got the approval from DCGI [Drug Controller General of India] in March... Continue Reading →

Bharat Biotech’s Zika virus vaccine confers 100% protection in mice

The Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech’s killed (inactivated) Zika virus vaccine using an African strain (MR 766) has shown 100% efficacy against mortality and disease in animal studies. A ‘killed virus vaccine’ or ‘inactivated vaccine’ contains virus that has been grown in culture and then killed using physical or chemical processes. The whole virus was used for... Continue Reading →

Indigenous vaccine against diarrhoea virus ‘safe’

A Phase III randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 116E rotavirus vaccine undertaken in infants at three centres in India was found to be safe. It had modest efficacy of 56.4 per cent against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis during the first year of life. The results were published in The Lancet on Wednesday. With about 75,000 to... Continue Reading →

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