IISER Thiruvananthapuram Director: There’s more to it than meets the eye

In response to the Faulty IISER-Tvm Facebook post that I shared about the lack of action against Prof. V. Ramakrishnan, the Director of IISER Thiruvananthapuram, despite my article pointing out the “copy and paste” content in his papers, Harsh Jog from IISER Pune asked: Can't the IISER Tvm faculty issue a statement? Why wait for... Continue Reading →

‘Copy and paste’ content spotted in IISER Thiruvananthapuram director’s papers

Over 50 papers published between 1984 and 2014 by Prof. V. Ramakrishnan, formerly with the School of Physics, Madurai Kamaraj University and currently the Director of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Thiruvananthapuram have varying degrees of content taken verbatim from or have very close similarity with other previously published papers. Large... Continue Reading →

Lancet gets in touch with Current Science authors on litchi disease ethics issue

In response to an article I wrote on February 3 about Dr. Jacob John raising ethics issues about the way the authors of the Lancet Global Health paper had failed to properly acknowledge his team’s work on Muzaffarpur mystery disease, the journal has got in touch with Dr. Mukul Das, one of the authors of the Current Science... Continue Reading →

Litchi: Controversy erupts over Muzaffarpur mystery disease study as CMC Vellore scientist cries foul

The scientist who investigated the mystery disease that proved fatal for many 15-year old children in Muzaffarpur, Bihar at the instance of the State government has raised ethics issues about the way the research has been published by the journal Lancet Global Health on January 30. “Not giving due credit for work done by others... Continue Reading →

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