Can health spending of 2.5% of GDP only by 2025 help achieve the goals set by India’s National Health Policy?

The long awaited National Health Policy announced a few days ago proposes to raise public health expenditure as a percentage of GDP from the current 1.15% to 2.5% by 2025. The resource allocation to individual States will be linked with their development indicators, absorptive capacity and financial indicators. “There will be higher weightage given to... Continue Reading →

Low measles-rubella vaccination coverage may cause more cases of congenital rubella syndrome

Only about 50 per cent of children aged nine months to 15 years in Tamil Nadu have been vaccinated by the measles-rubella combination vaccine since the campaign was launched. Unless and otherwise the vaccination coverage is increased to over 90%, there is a high possibility that the State would witness more rubella infections among older... Continue Reading →

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